Ways to Prepare for Flu this Cold Season


We cannot avoid it because the flu season is a sure thing. As the season changes, so as our body’s adaptability to different highs and lows of the temperature. When the climate shifts, our body will take some time to adjust to the weather, hence the seasonal flu, colds, and runny noses.

With the spike of the coronavirus, the idea of getting flu is a big red flag. It is difficult to get sick, but it cannot be avoided from coming. However, we can forbid them to infect our bodies. There are many things you can do. Taking your flu shots timely and availing yourself of our flu test in Texas is the first step.

With preventive measures, you can reduce your chances of getting a seasonal illness.

  • Always wash your hands keep handy alcohol with you.
  • Stock your medicine cabinets. Make sure to keep some staple medicines to help manage the flu at its first onset.
  • Keep your kitchen must-haves during the cold season. Staples such as chicken broths, soups, and tea. These will help you get through your flu.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes too much. These areas are the gain entry for the virus to invade your system. Also, make sure to clean your household. Dust mites can be a cause for a stuffy nose.
  • Plan for your sick days and consider visiting your centers for testing services to run a quick test if you are positive for any viruses.

Keep yourself ready for flu and colds, mostly now that it is the cold season already. Visit Rapid DX Laboratory if you will need our services. We are a diagnostic laboratory in Houston, Texas.

We also offer a COVID-19 test with 24 hour COVID test results. For more information, contact us.

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