The Importance of Pharmacogenomics

the-importance-of-pharmacogenomicsFind out if a medication is suitable for you by having a pharmacogenomic test. Our testing services will check the genetic factors relating to interindividual variability of drug response. Pharmacogenomics is an area of genetic testing that uses information about a person’s genetic makeup, or genome, to choose the drugs and doses best suited for each person.

Pharmacogenomics test results become part of a patient’s electronic health record and are helpful for future medication prescriptions. It aids clinicians in determining the proper medication at the correct dose to avoid adverse drug reactions and interactions.

Rapid DX Laboratory’s pharmacogenomics testing can be used for drug and dose selection in psychiatric facilities, pain clinics, oncology centers, and geriatrics. It also assesses whether an adverse drug reaction (ADR), non-standard dose requirement, or therapeutic failure could be explained by known drug-gene associations. Furthermore, pharmacogenomics also determines whether or not the patient has not received relief from their current prescription medication. Knowing if the patient takes multiple prescriptions is also considered.

Here are more benefits of pharmacogenomics:

  • More powerful medicines and better, safer drugs the first time.
  • More accurate methods of identifying suitable drug dosages.
  • Advanced screening for disease. Thus, decreasing the overall cost of health care.
  • Better vaccines.
  • Improvements in the drug discovery and approval process.

Like a regular flu test in Texas, this test helps the patient gain more control over their health, especially if they want to be proactive and determine their drug metabolism type before taking a new medication.

As a diagnostics laboratory in Houston, Texas, we aim for affordable and reliable health care services that improve the health of our clients.

Aside from pharmacogenomics testing, we also offer international travel COVID testing.

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