The Early Warning Signs of Flu

the-early-warning-signs-of-fluThe flu is a seasonal virus, and infection can make individuals feel too sick to perform their daily living activities, work, and recreational activities. Unfortunately, a flu infection can still occur even when you are vaccinated, but symptoms will most likely be mild.

Here are some early warning signs of the flu to remember to help you better prepare to combat it:

  • Fatigue or Feeling Tired
    The body uses energy to combat influenza, which can make people feel more tired than usual. Fatigue can be one of the signs of the body’s immune responses to influenza serving as an early warning sign. Our flu test in Texas can help you check for infection so that you can take the necessary steps to combat it.
  • Fever
    Feeling feverish can be another warning sign of a flu infection. Influenza thrives around normal body temperature. The immune system raises the body’s temperature in an attempt to kill the virus. Fever is also a warning sign for other infections like COVID-19. Visit our diagnostics laboratory in Houston, Texas, for reliable COVID-19 and flu tests.
  • Body Aches
    Another symptom and possible warning sign of the flu is aches and pains. The body releases white blood cells to combat infection; this reaction can cause inflammation, leading to body aches.

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