Stay Protected When Going Out During The Pandemic


Undeniably, COVID-19 changed our lives, but now that local parks and recreational centers reopen, we can still enjoy the activities we used to love through safe practices. Before going out and socializing today, read these handy tips below.

  • Check out the local guidelines.
    Check your area’s website to know more about park openings, bathroom or sanitation facilities, temporary restrictions, and closures. It’s essential to understand the safety practices that recreational centers are trying to impose to keep everyone safe. If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s better to undergo a flu test in Texas first before going out to be sure.
  • Continue to follow safety measures.
    Follow everyday sanitation and safety measures, like washing your hands frequently, wearing a face mask, and observing social distancing. If you’re not feeling well, it would be best to visit testing services to ensure that it’s safe for you to go out and socialize with others. When outside, try to create a safe distance from others and wear your mask of the time.
  • Visit recreation near your home.
    Choose a park or do your outdoor plans in an area close to your house. Commuting in longer distances may increase your chances of getting COVID-19, so try to be safe as much as possible. When your job requires you to travel overseas, make sure to secure COVID test travel clearance before and after your flight.

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