Safer Medications with Pharmacogenomics


Medications are part of our lives. From over-the-counter to drugs to specialized prescriptions from our doctors, we use drugs to medicate and keep ourselves healthy.

However, it’s not as easy as taking prescriptions immediately. To ensure your safety, you must learn all about your allergies, drug reactions, and more. Seems difficult to start and understand, but with pharmacogenomics, it’s easy as pie!

Testing services on pharmacogenomics provide analysis on your genome, which helps identify drugs and doses best suited for you. With these results, you can guarantee a safer and worry-free medication. It also aids clinicians on how to determine the proper medication at the right dose to avoid adverse drug reactions and interactions.

You can now focus on maintaining your medication rather than treating side effects from wrong doses and drug reactions.

So, when is the right time for you to avail of a pharmacogenomics test?

  • Pharmacogenomics testing can be used for drug and dose selection in psychiatric facilities, pain clinics, oncology centers, and geriatrics
  • To assess whether an adverse drug reaction (ADR), non-standard dose requirement, or therapeutic failure could be explained by known drug-gene associations
  • The patient has not received relief from their current prescription medication
  • The patient takes multiple prescriptions
  • The patient wants to be proactive and determine his/her drug metabolism type before taking a new medication

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