Safe Get-Togethers during a Pandemic


Nowadays, spending time with loved ones may not be the same as before. Small and large gatherings now require strict protocols to keep everybody safe from COVID-19. That means wearing face masks, social distancing, getting a negative result for RT-PCR Test COVID, as well as constantly sanitizing our hands.

To ensure the wellness of our clients and our fellow citizens, our diagnostics laboratory in Houston, Texas, would like to share the following tips.

  • When spending time with people who don’t live with you, going outdoors is the best choice.
  • Even with the information above, if you are participating in activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated, make sure to wear a mask, particularly in areas with high numbers of cases.
  • Enlist the services of 24 hour COVID Test Results to ensure that everyone is safe and COVID-free.
  • Limit the time spent with people who do not live with you. Even if you follow strict safety protocols, keeping a distance and staying indoors are still the best options.

Despite everything mentioned, we need to understand that staying indoors is still a must. Going outdoors must only be done unless necessary. Aside from that, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is advisable. Take vitamins that will boost your immunity. Get in touch with your medical professional to see if you require further protection, such as a flu test in Texas.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Guarantee a COVID-free interaction with the special people in your life. Rapid DX Laboratory offers reliable, CLIA-certified testing services. Call us today to enlist our services!

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