Onsite Testing for Special Events


When holding an intimate or public party, you want to guarantee that everyone gets to enjoy the event. Events are great places to create memories with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. We want them to be as safe and accommodating as much as possible.

Ensure the safety and wellness of your guests and loved ones during your special event. Since large crowds are now permitted to gather publicly, you need to make sure that everyone is COVID-free to avoid unwanted infections. Whether you are holding a corporate event, graduation, wedding, or birthday, making sure that everyone is happy and healthy is of utmost importance.

As such, Rapid DX Laboratory offers testing services for any special event. Events are no longer just about dates, prices, and available space. The future of meetings and events is also about safety, efficiency, and openness.

In-person meetings and events may have been delayed, but innovation has been in high gear, finding permanent answers to difficult problems like pandemics and discovering new ways to be more efficient at a greater scale of business.

Having RT-PCR Test COVID on hand during the special event ensures that anyone who is suspected of having symptoms will be cared for immediately. Ensuring everyone’s safety is of utmost importance, even with the existence of the COVID-19 vaccines.

So, if ever you’re in the market for a reliable diagnostics laboratory in Houston, Texas, to provide testing services for your event, we are the people to call! Get in touch with us today by giving 1-713-242-8653 a dial.

We also offer flu test in Texas.

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