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Whether you’re flying abroad, attending an event, or you’d like to get tested for your peace of mind, take a COVID-19 test today.

With the emergence of the coronavirus or COVID-19 and its many unknowns, Rapid Dx Laboratory is taking extraordinary steps to deliver the comprehensive services you need through new ways to screen, assess, test and keep you safe.

There are many different reasons why you may want to have a COVID-19 swab test. Maybe you need a test for work, you’re traveling abroad, or you’re attending a social event. Our COVID-19 PCR test is a convenient way to check for a current COVID-19 infection within 24 – 48 hours.

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Flu Test

A flu test can help your health care provider to see if you have the flu so you can get treated earlier and lessen the symptoms of the flu.

Influenza, or commonly referred to as the flu, is a highly transmittable acute viral infection ranging from mild to severe and sometimes can be fatal.

To determine whether or not you have flu, especially if you are hospitalized, have a weakened immune system, or are otherwise at an increased risk of serious complications from influenza, get the flu test now.

Indications for Testing

Individuals who should be tested during flu season include:

  • Immunocompromised and high-risk outpatients with influenza like illness, pneumonia, or nonspecific respiratory illness
  • Hospitalized individuals (including immunocompromised and high-risk persons) with any of the following:
    • Acute respiratory illness, with or without fever on presentation
    • Acute worsening of chronic cardiopulmonary disease on presentation
    • Acute onset of respiratory symptoms during the hospital stay with or without fever

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Pharmacogenomics (PGX)

Find out if a medication is right for you by having a pharmacogenomic test. We will check the genetic factors relating to interindividual variability of drug response.

Pharmacogenomics is an area of genetic testing that uses information about a person’s genetic makeup, or genome, to choose the drugs and drug doses best suited for each person.

Pharmacogenomics test results become part of a patient’s electronic health record and can be used for future medication prescriptions. It aids clinicians on how to determine the proper medication at the right dose to avoid adverse drug reactions and interactions.

Indications for Testing

  • Pharmacogenomics testing can be used for drug and dose selection in psychiatric facilities, pain clinics, oncology centers, and geriatrics
  • To assess whether an adverse drug reaction (ADR), non-standard dose requirement, or therapeutic failure could be explained by known drug-gene associations
  • The patient has not received relief from their current prescription medication
  • The patient takes multiple prescriptions
  • The patient wants to be proactive and determine his/her drug metabolism type before taking a new medication

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