Covid 19: Travel Safer During Pandemic


In these times of pandemic travelling requires a lot more effort to make it happen. Here at Rapid DX Laboratory, a reliable Diagnostics Laboratory in Houston, Texas, we provide testing services that are needed in travelling around the country and also abroad.

The pandemic has caused hindrance with our hobby to go out of town in the holidays or maybe travel far away abroad. As travel permits always need to have Covid 19 Tests for you to be allowed for travelling. We provide Testing Services for Covid 19 tests so that you can continue with your travels.

Flu season is now upon us this time and the relief to know if we or our loved ones have contacted by the flu will become stressful to us. Our company services include Flu Test in Texas in which we reliable and safe to conduct with.

In any case of urgency our facility offers 24-hour COVID Test Results. The average turnaround time for getting results right after the test is 24 hours and when the results are ready it will be emailed to your right away.

The type of test performed by our facility is RT-PCR Test COVID. The test being conducted will detect the current covid-19 infection by using viral genetic material (Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests NAAT) and also including the real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

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