Benefits of Getting a Yearly Flu Shot


The flu is a highly adaptable virus; they evolve so quickly that last year’s vaccine may not be as effective in providing adequate protection. Because of this, experts recommend that you get a yearly flu shot to stay protected. A yearly flu shot also provides other benefits, not just protection from infection.

Notable examples include:

  • It Is the Best Defense Against Infection.
    The most obvious benefit of a yearly flu shot is ensuring that you do not get sick. Because the flu adapts so quickly, a yearly flu shot helps the body produce the antibodies to combat new and current strains of the flu. Our diagnostics laboratory in Houston, Texas,provides reliable flu tests to check if you have or are more susceptible to the current flu strains.
  • It Helps Reduce Transmission Rates in the Community.
    The more people who get their yearly flu shot, the less likely the virus can spread around the community, protecting those who may not be able to get their vaccinations for health reasons.
  • It Reduces the Risk of Serious Symptoms in Breakthrough Infections.
    It is still possible to get the flu after vaccination. Thanks to the vaccine, symptoms will often be milder or uncomfortable, but they will not be serious enough to affect your daily living activities or work. We provide flu test in Texas to determine if you have the flu or not.

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