Is Urinary Tract Infection Dangerous?


We are all at risk of infections every single day. Even in 2023, the world is still batting common infections, like the flu and, more recently, COVID-19. Although, free COVID testing has been a great way to control its spread.

As we provide a flu test in Texas, we know that some infections can be more dangerous than others. One of the more complicated infections is a form of UTI or a Urinary Tract Infection. Just how dangerous is this infection?

  • Repeated Infections

    Once you experience a UTI, your risk of getting infections again significantly increases. Repeat infections can weaken your entire system and cause more damage.

    Properly managing UTI may mean getting diagnostic tests as this condition sometimes doesn’t show symptoms. Work with testing services to get tested immediately.

  • Kidney Damage

    Infections often occur in the urethra or the bladder. But this does not stop the contamination from creeping into your kidneys.

    You become at risk of permanent kidney damage when it happens, which can be fatal as your body may stop filtering toxins properly.

  • Intense Pain
    A UTI will come with intense pain. It can be too much to the point where it stops you from functioning properly. When pain arises, seek the help of medical professionals immediately.
  • Sepsis
    Your body can also go into sepsis, which can be deadly. This happens when our body overreacts to infections like UTIs.

Here at Rapid DX Laboratory, we have the resources and the professionals to get you tested for UTI. Our diagnostics laboratory in Houston, Texas, can be the first step in recovering from these infections.

We also provide a walk-in COVID test for your testing needs. Feel free to reach out to us for your inquiries.

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