What type of test is performed?

Gold standard RT-PCR test. Our test detects the current COVID-19 infection using viral genetic material (Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT) including real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT – PCR).

How is my sample for testing collected?

While you remain in the vehicle, a skilled registered nurse will use a swab to collect a sample of nasal secretions. This is done by inserting the swab into your nostril approximately 1 inch into the nasal passage (midway) with the most visible drainage or the nostril that is most congested if drainage is not present. 

How and when will I get results?

The average turnaround time for receiving results is 6-12 hours. When your results are ready, we’ll email you the results.

How old can a patient be to get a COVID-19 test?

There is no minimum age requirement to get tested. However, if a patient is too young to safely and comfortably endure a nasal swab, they will be administered an oral swab instead.

How much does it cost to get tested? Do you accept insurance?

We do accept insurance, but you should check with your health plan to confirm testing coverage. If you do not have insurance and are paying out-of-pocket, a COVID-19 test costs $100 and a Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP), which detects 38 bacteria and viruses including the flu and pneumonia, costs $250. Payments can be made via card directly on our patient registration form or via cash/checks (payable to “Rapid Dx Laboratory”) at the time of testing.

Do I need an appointment?

No. This is a drive up, first come, first serve basis. Please call us on 713-242-8653 when you are in the parking lot.

What do I need to bring with me?

Insurance card and proof of identity are required. Please also bring the confirmation code that you receive in your confirmation text or email message. Be sure to have your mobile phone in case we need to reach you.


CDC – https://www.cdc.gov/COVID19

More questions? 

Contact us at info@rapiddxlabs.com

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