Are COVID-19 Tests Still Relevant?


More than two years ago, the world was caught by surprise when COVID-19 became viral. It is safe to say we, as a society, were not remotely prepared to handle it immediately. Despite the many struggles, we managed to contain its spread through measures like, requiring a COVID test travel clearance.

Fast forward to the present day, when humanity benefits from vaccines, and a sense of normalcy has been restored after years of uncertainty. This begs the question: are COVID tests still relevant?

Because vaccines are out now, tests have become a second measure for COVID safety. Despite that, COVID tests are still relevant.

Society forgets that the pandemic is not over. We just learned how to live with it. COVID-19 infections are still occurring everyday, and the fatality numbers also grow.

Furthermore, vaccines do not fully prevent infections. They only stop symptoms from worsening, effectively protecting our health. Vaccinated individuals can still get the virus and even spread them.

Since there are plenty of loopholes in our current protection habits, COVID tests should still be used. Testing services even make it part of their test menu.

For one, these tests come in handy when handling public events. You can restrict the spread when you know who has the virus.

Furthermore, these tests can also provide peace of mind for individuals. COVID can be fatal, and getting same-day COVID test results from reliable tests can appease your COVID anxiety.

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